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”the sheer beauty and emotional depth of this album proved to be far more than I ever could have expected...Perfectly understated with many subtle intricacies and improvisational nuances, a constant stream of restlessness or stirring beneath the music’s overarching serenity also felt present – a most intriguing aspect that I intimately connected with. An essential album to own, A Hero’s Journey is easily among my favorites of recent musical discoveries!“

Candice Michelle


"A Hero’s Journey by Karen Olson and Crispin Barrymore is a well-crafted release, manifested into our realm by two musicians who have worked hard, listened well, and used there abundant talent to bring us, the ever eager listener, one album that is jam packed from start to finish with compositions of pure quality, that allow us to reflect, to be moved, to float upon and bathe within a veritable musical waterfall, of blissful meditative ambience. This is one release you really can’t miss adding to you ever expanding collection, a thoroughly recommended album.“

Steve Sheppard


”By combining contemporary classical influences with ambient textures, rhythmic elements, and a new age focus on melody, the two artists have effectively removed the boundaries between these genres of music, creating an original sound that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners.“

Kathy Parsons


”As you listen to the truly inspiring range of emotions they will realize that you’ve come upon a musical gemstone that will be with you forever – even in your dreams“

Richard Lee Metcalf


”This can be your journey or A Hero’s Journey. Whatever the music can provide you at any time day or night, it has the power to do so. With such clarity and command Karen Olson brings her music to you with grace and the knowledge of an enlightened spirit willing to share her own glimpse of heaven.“

Keith Hannaleck


”After nearly 20 years of reviewing music, it takes a lot for me to be left speechless by a recording, but A Hero's Journey has done just that. It is not just how the music defies categorization, since that can be written of any number of recordings. Instead, it is how fearlessly Olson and Barrymore venture out into a borderland that is rarely explored...“

Bill Binkelman


”Her evocative style of playing reflects her abiding need to reach into the inner most recesses of the listener's mind and spread peace “

Ricky Kej


“Karen is a very amazing and powerful teacher, healer, musician and aligned being. She is a physical help in sharing her knowledge and tools for wellness. The peace within her heals people around her. Karen's compassion and alignment heals everyone she meets.” “

Sheryl Blumenthal, Global Healing Foundation Board of Directors

“Karen Olson provided a format that was both simple enough …and at the same time stimulating. It was truly a moving and unifying experience. She also received high marks from our music therapists.” “

Nancy Sondag, MA, RDT, Rehab Institute of New York

“I was amazed by Karen's ability to include everyone. She brought out a true sense of community where people could safely share feelings with one another.“

Yoko Tafimi, MA, MT-DC New York, NY

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